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At Built 2 Perfection LLC, our commitment to quality and exceptional project management are the cornerstones of our success. After many years of remodeling client homes, cottages, and residential income properties in Sewell, we're confident in our ability to translate your custom renovation ideas and goals into reality.

Moreover, our dedicated technicians are well-known for going the extra mile to ensure peace of mind. When you have questions, we make it easy to get a hold of us to get the answers you need to make timely and informed decisions.

Work with a home improvement specialist with an excellent reputation, and you won't have to worry about getting burned by shoddy craftsmanship, cut corners, or skyrocketing expenses that have yet to be explained or approved.

Together, we can transform your home into a stylish, functional, and harmonious space tailored to your preferences. Call (856) 834-8633 to schedule an appointment to consult with our industry leaders without any risk or obligation on your behalf.

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Built 2 Perfection LLC: In-Depth Custom Remodeling Services

When you want to customize your home during an in-depth remodel that fits your goals and vision, you need remodelers who understand the value of consultations and communication. In short, you need to find remodelers like us.

During home remodeling consultations, our contractors engage in comprehensive discussions to ensure we understand your vision and deliver the desired results. We begin by exploring:

  • Your specific goals
  • Your aesthetic preferences
  • Your lifestyle requirements
  • Your functional needs
  • ...and more

Remodeled to Your Preferences

Our detailed pre-project discussions also cover the desired layout and flow of the space. As we conduct the consultation, we’ll discuss layout-related factors like traffic patterns, room connectivity, and more.

We’ll delve into your material preferences, discussing options for flooring, countertops, cabinetry, and fixtures, ensuring your choices align with both your style and budget. Energy efficiency and sustainability may also be explored. As eco-conscious remodelers, we strive to integrate sustainable solutions wherever possible.

The consultation process extends to understanding any technological requirements or smart home features you desire. We explore potential challenges and limitations of the existing structure, discussing possible solutions and necessary adjustments for structural integrity.

Remodeling Contractors Promising Transparency

Do you have concerns about labor and material costs? Are you worried about cost overruns? Our remodeling contractors will put your mind at ease during the consultation process. In the interest of transparency and peace of mind, we’ll outline potential costs at the very outset.

Custom Home Remodeling

The best custom home-remodeling innovation happens here. To achieve this, we've refined our consultation process to ensure we're asking the right questions. We aim to explore your vision carefully to ensure our designers fully understand the details needed to personalize any area to your liking.

The second part of what makes our custom work stand out is that we've spent many years cultivating close relationships with our region's best construction material suppliers. In doing so, we've gained the ability to pass savings on to our clients and ensure the brands, colors, and finishes you love are accessible when you need them.

Plus, it makes it easier to ensure all the supplies needed for your remodeling project are ordered and arrive on time. With that said, if you want to add unique or one-of-a-kind aspects to your home, we're always open to working with new supply partners to ensure all the components of your desired upgrade match your elevated expectations. Get in touch to learn more.

Our Remodeling Team Works Quickly and Efficiently

No one wants home improvement projects to drag on forever. Completing your home remodeling project as quickly as possible is important so you can start enjoying your updated space sooner rather than later.

Here at Built 2 Perfection LLC, we execute every aspect of our service with attention to detail and follow a thorough process to ensure our work is completed with quality and according to high standards. We maintain our commitment to quality even as we work to streamline your project and turn it around faster.

If you have a specific completion date in mind that is earlier than our projected one, we would love to work with you on making that a possibility. Your time matters to us, and we remain committed to transforming your space with minimized downtime and expedited processes.

How Commercial Remodeling Benefits Your Branding

Whether you've recently leased a new commercial space or are ready to elevate your current offices to reflect your business branding, Built 2 Perfection LLC is here to make your vision for your company's space a reality. Our team of dedicated and talented remodelers is ready to put their skills to work crafting a gorgeous space that reflects your company's values and sets it up for future success.

Here's how our specialized commercial remodeling services can benefit your brand and boost your company's long-term growth:

Reinforcing Your Brand Identity

When you invest in marketing your brand to your audience, it's essential for the advertising journey to begin at home. Our expert remodelers work with you to ensure your physical space aligns with your brand identity. By integrating your brand color scheme, logos, and design elements, we create a visually cohesive environment that strengthens brand recognition and recall, leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

Reflecting Your Brand's Values

We go beyond mere aesthetics to reflect your brand's values in the building that houses your company, ensuring that every aspect of your brand is showcased to the public through your physical space. From incorporating sustainable materials for an eco-friendly message to designing a space that exhibits professionalism for a corporate brand, we can make your remodeled space authentically represent your brand's values and messaging.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

In a crowded marketplace, Built 2 Perfection LLC's services provide you with a way to stand out from the rest. Our expertise lies in crafting visually captivating and integrated spaces that set you apart, engaging customers and attracting a larger clientele.

Telling Your Brand's Story

We believe your brand has a unique story to tell, and we help you bring that story to life through our remodeling expertise. Brand personification is one of the strongest tools a business can use to stand out and invoke the human quality customers find endearing. By incorporating features that communicate your brand's history, unique selling points, and mission, we create a narrative within your property that engages customers and deepens their connection to your brand.

Let us help you transform your space into a compelling representation of your brand, creating a memorable customer experience and setting the stage for long-term success. Contact us today to embark on a remodeling journey that will elevate your brand to new heights.

Exterior Home Remodeling Services Available

We’re exterior home remodeling experts who make sure that the outside of your home is as welcoming as the interior rooms. Look to us when you need any of the following exterior remodeling services:

Siding Installation and Repair

Is the siding on your home looking a little worse for wear? It might be time to invest in an upgrade. Transform your home’s appearance and protect it from the elements with our expert siding services. We offer a variety of materials, colors, and styles to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Roofing Services

Don’t let a damaged or unsightly roof compromise the appeal or integrity of your home. Roof repairs, complete replacements—we do it all. Our skilled team ensures the integrity and longevity of your roof with unrivaled care. We work with various roofing materials, ensuring you have access to traditional and modern options.

Window and Door Replacement

Is it time to get rid of the old windows? Upgrade your home’s energy efficiency and security with our window and door replacement services. Choose from a wide selection of styles and materials to match your home’s design.

Exterior Painting

Refresh and revitalize your home’s exterior with our professional painting services. We use high-quality paints and finishes to withstand weather elements while providing a stunning finish that enhances your property’s curb appeal.

Deck and Patio Construction

Create inviting outdoor spaces with our deck and patio construction services. Do you prefer a traditional wooden deck or a modern, low-maintenance patio? We’ll be sure to bring your vision for the perfect outdoor living space to life.

Adding Beauty to Your Property on a Budget

We don't just stay on time for our remodeling work, we also strive to stay on budget at every turn. Working with us means your preferred budget will be considered and respected. We’ll do what we can to fulfill your remodeling vision without sacrificing your wallet's financial constraints and your preferred style and design.

Because our team is quick and works with a lean process, we can keep our fees low. Plus, long-standing relationships with multiple suppliers give us bargaining power to secure reduced costs for supplies and materials. Combining time savings and affordable material, we’re able to benefit you with access to a budget-friendly home remodeling cost.

Receive a Transparent Cost Estimate

Are you looking to find out how much your remodel might cost when you work with our team? After an initial consultation with our remodeling contractors, we'll be happy to walk you through the pricing details and all your options. We won't rest until every last detail is exactly to your preference, and that includes where your money is being invested.

Whether your priority is reorganizing the layout of your building or adding aesthetic details that bring the space to life, we'll orient your finances to align with what matters most to you. To make an informed decision about your project, please get in touch with our team at your earliest convenience.

Remodeling Contractors with a Creative Touch

We love helping Sewell property owners breathe new, stylish life into their homes, and we couldn't do it without the help of our creative team. Consider us the locally preferred home remodeling contractor who can take on projects of all sizes for clients with the grandest vision for their space. If you have a project coming up that requires a creative touch and unique fixtures and designs, trust us to complete it for you. To get started, call us to schedule a consultation and review the details with our talented design team.

Updating Properties from Wall to Wall

We're a full-service home remodeling company with the capabilities and resources to provide you with a full spectrum of remodeling work. We’re a one-stop shop for any home remodeling project, from small jobs that only require updates and minor changes to complete overhauls of an entire building.

Here are just some of the services we offer as a home remodeling company:

  • Cabinet refinishing
  • Deck construction
  • Patio construction
  • Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
  • Flooring system installation
  • Home additions
  • …and much more

Find everything you need for a high-value property transformation in one place—call us to get started.

Remodel Your Home with a Home Addition

As a comprehensive remodeling company, we excel in broadening and enriching your living area, aligning it with your evolving preferences and aspirations. Whether you aim to incorporate an additional bedroom, fashion a generous family room, or actualize the bespoke kitchen of your dreams, our cadre of adept professionals stands ready to breathe life into your vision.

With extensive experience in home remodeling and an unwavering dedication to unparalleled craftsmanship, we will guide you through every stage, from the initial conception and design phase to the meticulous final embellishments. Don't hesitate—reach out to us today to start your project with our proficient and seasoned remodeling team. Your dream home awaits.

Flooring Installation Service from Expert Remodelers

Are you looking to upgrade your floors? We can help. From hardwood's timeless beauty to carpet's plush comfort, we offer a range of flooring options to cater to every preference. Our carefully crafted approach to installation ensures the enhancement of your interior aesthetics and the longevity and functionality of your chosen flooring. Before starting, we will assess your space, discuss your preferences and budget, and create a short list of top-brand material options. When you give us the green light, we will initiate the installation process promptly.

Here are some of the most common flooring systems we install:

  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Tile
  • Vinyl
  • Carpet
  • and much more!

Through our meticulous craftsmanship and focus on detail, we guarantee that your selected flooring seamlessly enhances your space, offering enduring resilience. As a budget-conscious remodeling company boasting years of expertise, we stand as your reliable top-tier option for your forthcoming project. Your satisfaction is our commitment. Get in touch with us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation at your earliest convenience.

Constructing Stunning New Cabinets

Sometimes, all it takes to revamp a kitchen is a cabinet update. At Built 2 Perfection LLC, we offer cabinet refinishing services to restore the appearance of your existing cabinetry by removing the old finish or paint before sanding them down and applying a new stain, color, or finish. Our goal is to make your cabinetry look brand new again, adding function and style to your kitchen.

Our previous clients love this alternative to new constructions as it’s a cost-effective option that produces stunning results. Our process can be done on various cabinet materials, including wood, laminate, or metal, allowing you to make the final product the perfect complement to your space.

Have questions on pricing or other construction phase details? Call us today!

Complete Home Renovation: We're the Home of the Best Value

Whether your goals encompass a complete home renovation, or you'd like to focus on one aspect or space, we're here to add value and ensure you get the most benefit from your investment.

Some of our most-requested remodeling services include, but are not limited to:

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Work with an industry-leading design and construction specialist to ensure your kitchen and bathroom remodeling work resonates with appeal and sophistication for many years. Phone us to explore a wide range of first-class options that suit your budget and taste.

Garage Remodel Let us help you transform your garage into the ideal space you've always wanted. Get in touch to discuss your goals with a licensed garage remodel expert with plenty of local construction and renovation experience.

Basement Finish Contractors Finishing your basement can double the usable space in your home and make you fall in love with your property all over again. Connect with our building and remodeling experts to find out how to get started and what to expect by booking a risk-free consultation appointment.


As the area’s foremost remodeling contractor, we’ve distinguished ourselves in several ways. Combining our logistical and organizational prowess with innovative design services and skilled craftsmanship, we’ve built gorgeous kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and more that add to our clients’ enjoyment of their living spaces. Using only the highest quality building materials, we work with a large team of multi-talented contractors to install every feature and component required to turn drab, cramped areas into fully functional, visually stunning rooms.

We’re confident that the following characteristics of our service make us stand out from any other remodeling company in the area:

  • Friendly and respectful contractors dedicated to perfection
  • Transparent and honest discussions throughout the project
  • Skilled workmanship in every aspect
  • Quality materials that are chosen to your specifications
  • Dedication to completing work on time and on budget
  • …and more


Are you looking to sell your home anytime soon? If so, you might be looking for ways to make your property stand out in a competitive market and sell for a higher asking price. At the end of the day, real estate is an investment, and you should take every opportunity to make your investment work for you.

Over many years working as remodelers in the Sewell area, we’ve learned the value of a strategic and well-done remodel. Any real estate agent will tell you that a recently redone bathroom or kitchen will add exponentially to the bids you receive. Meanwhile, the added benefit of a finished basement or an insulated garage could mean the difference between a buyer walking away or being very interested.

Deck Remodeling and Construction

Experience superior deck remodeling and construction with Built 2 Perfection LLC. Whether you need a new deck built or a renovation project completed, we’ll ensure your deck enhances your home's aesthetics and meets structural integrity standards.

As your contractor, we will create a durable, safe, visually appealing outdoor space perfect for relaxation and gatherings. We will also ensure that it increases your property value, making it a cost-effective project. For a risk-free quote or in-person assessment, simply call us and speak with a member of our team.

Upgrade Your Yard with Patio Remodeling

In addition to deck remodeling, we specialize in patio remodeling and reconstruction. Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing patio or create a brand-new one, we have the skills and vision to turn your plan into a functional reality. Our emphasis lies in utilizing premium materials and cutting-edge designs to elevate both the visual appeal and practicality of your patio. Our goal is to create a seating area that is durable and provides you with a comfortable lounge area during warm days.

From planning to construction, we handle the entire project, so you don't need to worry about a thing. To learn more about this specialized remodeling service or request a consultation, contact our team at your convenience.


As you might expect, the cost of a remodeling project can vary significantly depending on the unique factors of your property and the project itself. At Built 2 Perfection LLC, we’ve worked on many different projects of all sizes and complexities, and they’ve all come in at various price points.

The cost of your remodel will depend mainly on the areas you’d like redone, the materials you choose, the extremity of the project (are you replacing everything in the room, perhaps even changing the shape of the walls, or simply enhancing a few chosen elements?), and the complexity of the work required. We suggest that the best way to find out how you can budget for your remodel is to get in touch with us and book a consultation.


Every remodeling project we complete begins with a comprehensive consultation, where we get to sit down with prospective clients and go over the details of their plans. This allows us to provide an accurate picture of how we can help, including possible services, timelines, budgets, and more. We can get a grasp of what you’re looking to achieve and begin to formulate a plan for how to bring it into reality.

This no-obligation consultation also allows you to evaluate our services and what we’re capable of performing. We strive to ensure that we answer all your questions and provide the most accurate information so that everyone leaves the appointment on the same page. Get in touch with us today to book your free consultation!

Work with a Seasoned Remodeling Company

Partnering with an established home remodeling company guarantees peace of mind during your home updates. Built 2 Perfection LLC is a well-established and locally preferred remodeling contractor in Sewell. Our gallery showcases top-tier craftsmanship across a full suite of remodeling services that can transform your home from top to bottom. Our reliable and dedicated builders listen to your goals and work closely with you to turn your vision into a buildable and fully functional reality. We ensure respectful, open communication throughout the remodeling process and leverage our exceptional project management skills for a seamless build.

Entrust the value of your investment to one of the best home-remodel companies in the region. Schedule a risk-free consultation today to discuss how we can design a remodeling project that prioritizes your needs.

Increase Property Value by Remodeling the Kitchen and Bathroom

We enable you to enhance the value of your home by remodeling your kitchen and bathroom, whether for personal satisfaction or resale purposes. Our expert remodeling contractors offer quality craftmanship, stunning design, and impeccable installations that contribute to an elevated living space. We'll help you choose styles and finishes you love and get you access to the best deals on appliances, fixtures, and building materials.

Trust us for flawless home installations and innovative modern design updates. We encourage you to book a no-obligation consultation where we'll discuss your desires and provide a comprehensive estimate for a dream-worthy outcome.

Remodel Your Basement to Enhance Your Home's Appeal

At Built 2 Perfection LLC, every basement remodeling project is a personalized experience. Transform your basement into the space of your dreams, whether that's a stunning rental walkout suite or a newly finished storage and laundry area. Whatever your basement's transformation involves, you can trust our expertise and knowledge of local building codes and regulations to ensure a successful result.

Count on us for impeccable service and attention to detail. Let us help make your basement everything you've always wanted it to be—contact us today to get started.

Fully Licensed and Insured Remodeling Company

When you partner with us for your remodeling project, rest assured that your exciting investment is in good hands. Our fully certified and well-trained contractors ensure that every job we complete meets our high standards for durable and stunning structures. Every member of our team possesses the necessary qualifications to nail every aspect of your remodel perfectly. As a company dedicated to your home's success, we aim to create long-lasting and valuable results that add significantly to your property.

Custom Remodeling Services in Sewell

At Built 2 Perfection LLC, we strive to deliver remodeling services that align with your vision for your project. Our goal is to help you avoid having to make any compromises with your renovations by offering a diverse range of services that cater to your needs. If you have an idea but are unsure of style and design details, we'll happily put our creative skills to work and offer our professional opinion. You call the shots when it's your home, and we follow suit.

We're the company to call for a customized experience guaranteed to impress!

Contact Innovative Remodeling Contractors Who Put Your Project First

As some of Sewell's most sought-after remodeling contractors, we know what it takes to plan and implement forward-thinking projects that match your expectations and adhere to strict building and safety regulations.

Are you ready to start planning upgrades that will improve your house's value, utility, and enjoyment? If so, Built 2 Perfection LLC encourages you to reach out to our licensed builders to learn more about what makes us the best home renovation contractors for the job.

Contact our representatives today at (856) 834-8633 to set up a consultation appointment.