Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Sewell

Working with Built 2 Perfection LLC makes your bathroom remodeling project easy and affordable. Our skilled, licensed contractors can turn any ordinary bathroom into a luxurious master en suite. Whether you’re looking for a simple update or a total transformation, you can depend on the quality of our services. Our remodeling work is top-notch, affordable, and done in collaboration with clients to ensure their renovation dreams are fulfilled.

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Full Suite of Bathroom Remodeling Services

A successful bathroom remodeling project requires careful planning, attention to detail, and skilled craftsmanship to ensure a functional and aesthetically pleasing result. From proper waterproofing to venting and drainage, there are numerous technical aspects that require specialized expertise, including structural considerations, such as load-bearing walls and floor reinforcement.

No matter your vision for your bathroom remodeling project, we're the team for the job. We offer a full suite of bathroom remodeling services, ensuring that everything from the new light fixtures to the floors gets the attention they deserve.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Plumbing and electrical upgrades
  • Fixture installation (sinks, faucets, toilets, showers, bathtubs)
  • Flooring installation (tiles, vinyl, hardwood)
  • Wall coverings (paint, wallpaper, tile installation)
  • Cabinetry and storage solutions
  • Lighting and ventilation improvements
  • Waterproofing and tiling
  • Hardware and accessory installation
  • Green and energy-efficient solutions
  • Finishing touches (painting, trim work, caulking, grouting)

Change Your Bathroom's Layout with Us

Do you wish your sink wasn't so close to the bathtub? Could your bathroom window be a little larger? We can help you change your entire bathroom layout so that every inch of space is fully utilized.

Our experienced bathroom remodelers have the expertise to completely transform your bathroom's layout. With their keen eye for design and extensive knowledge of plumbing and electrical systems, they can reimagine the space, reconfigure walls, and optimize the layout for better functionality and aesthetics.

Whether it's expanding the bathroom, rearranging fixtures, or creating a more open concept, our remodelers have the skills to bring your vision to life and create a bathroom layout that is both stunning and customized to your specific needs.

Maximize Storage with Our Bathroom Remodelers

Do you wish you had more space for towels, linens, and your household's many toiletries? At our bathroom remodeling company, we excel at maximizing storage space in your bathroom, ensuring a clutter-free and organized environment. Here is an overview of some of the innovative storage solutions we can implement:

Custom Cabinetry

Our contractors design and install custom cabinets that optimize storage capacity while complementing the overall aesthetic. Be sure to ask about custom cabinetry when you sit down with us.

Vertical Storage Solutions

Utilizing vertical space, we can incorporate shelves, wall-mounted cabinets, or built-in niches to provide additional storage options for you.

Creative Vanity Designs

Our contractors offer innovative vanity designs with drawers, shelves, and built-in organizers to maximize storage for toiletries and essentials.

Over-the-Toilet Storage

Don't forget about areas of untapped potential. We'll make efficient use of the area above the toilet, installing shelving or cabinets to keep items within easy reach.

Hidden Storage

Our contractors find clever ways to incorporate hidden storage, such as recessed medicine cabinets, pull-out drawers, or storage compartments behind mirrors.

Functional Hardware

We optimize storage for towels, robes, and metal bathroom accessories by incorporating hooks, towel bars, and magnetic strips.

Smart Organizers

We can install specialized organizers like pull-out bins, drawer dividers, and adjustable shelving to accommodate various items in your bathroom. Just ask about our installable organizer options during your consultation.

A Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Dedicated to Collaboration

From start to finish, our team of professionals works closely with all clients to guarantee that every remodeling project lives up to their wildest expectations. We take you step-by-step through our streamlined and collaborative remodeling process, starting with a consultation and exchange of ideas.

Once we gain an idea of your vision for your upgraded bathroom, we embark on the planning and design phase, where all the important decisions are made. We see our clients as our partners and pride ourselves on working with transparency and efficiency to guarantee satisfaction every time.

Affordable Bathroom Renovation

At Built 2 Perfection LLC, we’re equipped with the skill, knowledge, and network of suppliers and subcontractors to take on many different jobs. We firmly believe that there is no remodel too big or too small. Our top-quality craftsmanship can be provided to those working within many different sizes of budgets, as we always work with efficiency and affordability in mind. If you have concerns about the price tag of your remodel, please don’t hesitate to consult with us on how we can achieve your goals without going overboard.

Licensed Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

When undertaking any remodeling work, it’s essential to trust your contractors and be assured that you won’t be wasting your hard-earned money. Our team of licensed contractors not only has the training and certification to prove they’re right for the job but also has a long track record of success in Sewell. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and close consultation with clients throughout the remodeling process make us one of the best, most trusted remodeling services around.

We Provide Clear Renovation Assessments and Quotes

We believe in the quality and value of our work, so we’ll always provide you with honest assessments and quotes with no obligations. We’re confident in our craftsmanship and the competitive pricing we offer, as well as our dedicated client care. As part of our commitment to transparency and honesty in all our interactions, we make a point to always be completely upfront about costs throughout the project.

We Pay Close Attention to Detail

Our team is committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations for your bathroom renovation. We do this through close consultation with you throughout the design and building process, prioritizing your needs and wishes. As experienced remodeling contractors, we maintain an organized work site and pay close attention to every aspect of the job, from placing every new tile perfectly to double-checking new plumbing to ensure its functionality.

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